Services that you can expect when you hire Arroyo Background Investigations to independently conduct your backgrounds are:

  • Review completed background interview forms, check for completeness, accuracy, inconsistencies, errors, omissions, and falsifications;
  • Obtain and review records from Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice, and State and Municipal law enforcement agencies to determine if the candidate was a witness, victim, suspect or perpetrator of any crime;
  • Obtain and review arrest reports, witness statements, and other documents to determine if the candidate has the appropriate background to become an employee of your organization;
  • Obtain and review credit reports and evaluate financial responsibility;
  • Interview employers, co-workers, neighbors, law enforcement officials, military personnel, members of the candidate's family and personal references;
  • Develop second and third level references and make additional inquires to assist in determining credibility of statements;
  • Observe each person being interviewed for the presence or absence of physical indicators of truthfulness;
  • Prepare detailed and complete interview statements for each person being interviewed in order to allow a reviewer to draw reasonable and logical conclusions about the prospective candidate;
  • Prepare final background investigation package for presentation to assigned personnel;
  • Organize all investigative material in accordance with established procedures;
  • Meet regularly with management and the candidate to keep them informed of the status of the investigation;
  • Prepare a detailed summary of adverse information based upon objective analysis and evaluation of candidate's background, statements from others contacted during the course of the background;
  • Measure the candidate's background against job dimensions set forth by the Peace Officer's Standards and Training Commission;
  • Complete background packages for review and final recommendation



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